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“An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

My perfect dinner party would be as follows, PG Wodehouse, Aphra Behn, Douglas Adams, Sylvia Plath, Stephen Fry, Freddie Mercury, Baz Luhrmann, and a couple of friends I've actually met.

I'm in the last stretch of my English major Editing minor undergraduate degree, and I plan on finding a job in publication once I graduate. If you want to give me a job, go for it.

I'm concerned about the treatment of sexuality and gender in society, our ingrained racism, and the silence concerning a "mother in heaven."
The old standard: Harry Potter, and if you're up to it, FMA. <3
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I guess I should just preface this with a confession. I have never read Harry Potter (well, I read the first one, listened to the first three on audiobook last year, but never got around to the last four). My best friend through High School loved them, so I have plenty of second-hand knowledge ;). I will get to it one of these days.

❤ male: Maybe Snape? Probably partially because he was played by Alan Rickman and I have a thing for Alan Rickman’s voice. (Except I just saw him in the worst movie ever [Gambit, 2012], and now he just kinda creeps me out.)
❤ female: Probably Hermione. (I think about this whenever I think about Hermione)
✖ least favorite: Luna Lovegood. I never “met” her in the books, but her movie character just kinda bugged me. Nice story about the actress, though.
✔ who resembles me: I don’t know, someone in Slytherin. I always take the house quizzes and ALWAYS get Slytherin. 
❤ most attractive: Ummmmm. I was always somewhat attracted to movie George after he walks in on Harry and Ginny kissing, when he’s leaning against the counter in his vest. I just love vests, okay?
❤ three more characters that i like: Sirius, Lucius’s hair, and Professor McGonagall

NOW I’ve actually read FMA. This will be much easier. I will revisit it one day. It has such great memories for me <3

❤ male: ROY
❤ female: RIZA (of course, the two of them together as the unbeatable Royai is my favorite thing ever ;) 
✖ least favorite: Rose.
✔ who resembles me: Oh. Oh goodness. It depends on my mood. Maybe both Olivia and Alex Armstrong? Sometimes I’m bright and vibrant like Alex, but others I’m like, *purposeful “bitchface”* get out of my way, I’m working. Also I tend to brag about my family. 
❤ most attractive: King Bradley? Izumi Curtis? Riza Hawkeye? All three. They’re tied.
❤ three more characters that i like: Sig Curtis, Miles, Black Hayate.

You should do them too, Schwashbuckler, if you want to :P


❤ male:
❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

c’mon. Let me give you my opinion <3

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Stowaway Summer 2014
This was my senior capstone for my editing minor! It got me my Design job, so I’m forever grateful. Give it a read if you’re interested in being a really awesome person. ;)


Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

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AU Meme: Requested by anonymous: “Please do a [au meme] where the British Royal Family say Game of Thrones quotes.”

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Question: if Arthur Dent is defined by his dressing gown and Ford Prefect is defined by his towel, aren’t we contractually obligated to call this pairing “Bed Bath and Beyond”?

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