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“An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

My perfect dinner party would be as follows, PG Wodehouse, Aphra Behn, Douglas Adams, Sylvia Plath, Stephen Fry, Freddie Mercury, Baz Luhrmann, and a couple of friends I've actually met.

I'm in the last stretch of my English major Editing minor undergraduate degree, and I plan on finding a job in publication once I graduate. If you want to give me a job, go for it.

I'm concerned about the treatment of sexuality and gender in society, our ingrained racism, and the silence concerning a "mother in heaven."



This came into work today. I shortlisted it and displayed it on my cafe counter.

The back said something like “He is into BDSM. (Batman, Dragons, Star Wars, and Magic the Gathering).”

The first paragraph starts like this:

“I growl with frustration at my reflection in the mirror. My hair is fifty shades of messed up. Why is it so kinky and out of control? I need to stop sleeping with it wet. As I brush my long brown hair, the girl in the mirror brown eyes too big for her, stares back at me. Wait… my eyes are blue! It dawns on me that I haven’t been looking in the mirror—I’ve been staring at a poster of Kirsten Stewart for the past five minutes. My own hair is fine.”

my own hair is fine

oh my god where can i buy this

I own this book! Thanks

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The old standard: Harry Potter, and if you're up to it, FMA. <3
michelleaugust michelleaugust Said:

I guess I should just preface this with a confession. I have never read Harry Potter (well, I read the first one, listened to the first three on audiobook last year, but never got around to the last four). My best friend through High School loved them, so I have plenty of second-hand knowledge ;). I will get to it one of these days.

❤ male: Maybe Snape? Probably partially because he was played by Alan Rickman and I have a thing for Alan Rickman’s voice. (Except I just saw him in the worst movie ever [Gambit, 2012], and now he just kinda creeps me out.)
❤ female: Probably Hermione. (I think about this whenever I think about Hermione)
✖ least favorite: Luna Lovegood. I never “met” her in the books, but her movie character just kinda bugged me. Nice story about the actress, though.
✔ who resembles me: I don’t know, someone in Slytherin. I always take the house quizzes and ALWAYS get Slytherin. 
❤ most attractive: Ummmmm. I was always somewhat attracted to movie George after he walks in on Harry and Ginny kissing, when he’s leaning against the counter in his vest. I just love vests, okay?
❤ three more characters that i like: Sirius, Lucius’s hair, and Professor McGonagall

NOW I’ve actually read FMA. This will be much easier. I will revisit it one day. It has such great memories for me <3

❤ male: ROY
❤ female: RIZA (of course, the two of them together as the unbeatable Royai is my favorite thing ever ;) 
✖ least favorite: Rose.
✔ who resembles me: Oh. Oh goodness. It depends on my mood. Maybe both Olivia and Alex Armstrong? Sometimes I’m bright and vibrant like Alex, but others I’m like, *purposeful “bitchface”* get out of my way, I’m working. Also I tend to brag about my family. 
❤ most attractive: King Bradley? Izumi Curtis? Riza Hawkeye? All three. They’re tied.
❤ three more characters that i like: Sig Curtis, Miles, Black Hayate.

You should do them too, Schwashbuckler, if you want to :P


❤ male:
❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

c’mon. Let me give you my opinion <3

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Stowaway Summer 2014
This was my senior capstone for my editing minor! It got me my Design job, so I’m forever grateful. Give it a read if you’re interested in being a really awesome person. ;)


Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

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AU Meme: Requested by anonymous: “Please do a [au meme] where the British Royal Family say Game of Thrones quotes.”

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